Hello Friends, today we are going to check out the new game from supercell which is creating a lot of buzz and people are going crazy about it. After the grand success of Clash of Clans, Boom Beach and Hay day hack, Clash Royale is probably the most awaited and cheered game in android world. So how does it work? Lets dive into it.
Gameplay: This is more like an extension or part 2 of clash of clans and you are going to get almost similar resources and gaming environment like clash of clans minus the city building effort. You dont have to build any city, the only thing you have to do is attack someone or defend yourself when getting attacked. The victory provide you with much needed resources and some resources are time based. You can use them to unlock stronger defence and better attack.

Attack Mode: You drop your troops into the arena, the collection of troops is called cards and you get many types of troops and obviously they get better with higher level and more resources. You navigate your troops on two lanes or fronts and attack the other player towers. So if you want to score a win, attack with better and stronger troops.
Defence Mode: The tower when attacked got the power to defend themselves automatically. However at lower level or lower resources towers are not strong enough to defend from strong attackers. You can either upgrade them for better defence or you can use own troops and fight the attacking troops from reaching the tower and thereby saving even the weaker tower.
There is no such thing as best strategy for Clash Royale Game and it all depends upon how strong your attack and defence is and all this depends heavily upon  the resources you got. You can use this little tool to get unlimited Clash Royale gems and elixirs or you can spend a lot of money in starting, purchase resources. Use those Clash Royale resources to upgrade your gaming component, attack others, win and get more resources and upgrade further which is very time consuming and not so easy thing to do. Anyways I will leave you with whatever you decide and will be back with new game very soon. Till than take care, cya!